Acre 22 Poultry

Acre 22 is dedicated to promoting and preserving backyard poultry. Free ranged and hand-raised for your enjoyment.
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Welcome! to Acre 22

My name is Mitzi Young, I am a graduate of a Recreation and Leisure program. I work as an Adjuvant at a Peterborough nursing home where I provide various therapeutic programs such as yes, a chicken coop and hatching eggs.
I am the first person in history to erect a coop on a long term care homes property for residents enjoyment.
I am a poultry enthusiast who raises rare, hard to find breeds for all my customers to enjoy for years to come.
Need help with raising your own flock?
Dont know where to start? Acre 22 provides materials, phone calls and farm visits to teach you the basics of raising a happy flock in your own backyard.
Feel free to contact me for further information.
  1. Eggs or hatching eggs
    Stop buying from the local grocery store. Do you know the eggs you receive are from caged birds that never see daylight, a human touch or even walk around on natural ground. Also they are already 4 weeks old by the time they get to your table. Once you try one of Acre 22's eggs you will never go back. Rich, dark, creamy yolks are perfect anytime. You will see the difference guaranteed. Eggs are $5 a dozen and can be delivered
  2. Classroom Incubation or Senior Home
    Whether you're interested in a small hatch or a large hatch I have you covered. With a top of the line Brinsea incubator you can choose either package. Every package also contains a one hour visit with class for or home to educate the group on the benefits of poultry and the breeds being hatched. Setup included. Contact me for more details.
  3. Angora Rabbits
    Cotton my therapy rabbit will be bred this year. She is Satin Angora, albino. We are in the process of locating a mate of similar breed so we can maintain the Angora breed. This breed is easily trained and handled from the start results in a rabbit who will melt your heart. There is currently a waiting list. Stay tuned!!
  4. Chicks, pullets or hens
    Whatever your need is Acre 22 will be able to provide you with your poultry needs. From baby chicks, pullets or mature hens. Prices vary on the breed and age of the bird. All birds are hand raised and handled daily resulting in a calm, pet chicken that will follow you around the backyard. Price list is available on request
  5. Package Details
    Incubator Rental Includes: Digital incubator with automatic turner 7 fertilized eggs or 20 eggs Children's book & reproducible activities Resource guide to the incubator Brooding box Shavings Poultry water dish Starter food Phone and email support during office hours
  6. Hatching Eggs
    Hatching eggs are available by order only. Eggs can be shipped for an extra fee or farm picked up. Fertile eggs must be handled with care. Eggs are never guaranteed once left Acre 22. Due to handling, temperature changes and your incubation methods. My eggs have a 90%hatch rate when hatched here at Acre 22. If you're interested please contact me