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Acre 22 is dedicated to promoting and preserving backyard poultry. Free ranged and hand-raised for your enjoyment.
I am Glad you're here.
Welcome! to Acre 22

My name is Mitzi Young, I am a graduate of a Recreation and Leisure program. I work as an Adjuvant at a Peterborough nursing home where I provide various therapeutic programs such as yes, a chicken coop and hatching eggs.
I am the first person in history to erect a coop on a long term care homes property for residents enjoyment.
I am a poultry enthusiast who raises rare, hard to find breeds for all my customers to enjoy for years to come.
Need help with raising your own flock?
Dont know where to start? Acre 22 provides materials, phone calls and farm visits to teach you the basics of raising a happy flock in your own backyard.
Feel free to contact me for further information.
Acre 22 hand raises some of the most sought after breeds and beautiful chickens. If consider yourself a big obsessed as I am, your in the right place! I invite you to explore my website and learn the fascinating histories of chickens collected from Canada and USA.You can become a steward of one of these amazing breeds.
Welcome to our little poultry farm known as Acre 22. Where pride and passion goes hand in hand.
Any Thoughts?
I have 14 years experice working closely with members of our community.
I have 10 years of poultry experience. Working with the chickens as part of a therapy program at the nursing home I am employed at has helped me gain incite of the benefits of successfully raising a flock of my own.
I am educated in numerous educational pursuits. Including behavior therapy, montessori methods and sensory applications.
I cover the Peterborough County and area. Will deliver or ship depending on needs of customer.
All birds are never guaranteed. I will guarantee you will be not be disappointed in the breeds you choose to raise. I have been careful in the breeds I have selected to become part of my passion. 

If you purchase chicks, ALL chicks will be Straight Run Only. I cannot take back unwanted cockerals, you will have to rehome him. Once birds leave my property I dont know what conditions they have be exposed too therefore cannot take back. On occasion I have taken back pure breeds but that is under my discretion. Although going forward in 2017, my biosecuirty is being tightened as I have a huge investment that I cannot jeopardize.
Why choose Acre 22. You get nothing but the best customer service in this area. There is no one can provide you with handraised, free ranged birds that not only are friendly but a pleasure to watch. These days it is hard to find someone who is in business for the passionate side of it opposed to the financial end of it. This is RARE now a days.
You recieve a loyalty card, and a custom bottle of Acre 22 wine so you can sit on your back porch sip a glass of wine and watch your chickens.
Thats what I do and I think it is the most relaxing experience. I want my friends and customers to get the most of their hard earned money by providing healthy happy birds for years to come and of course a couple freebies along the way, gaining a friendship and nothing buy awesome conversation about something we are interested in...chickens.

Your welcome to visit, call or find me on Facebook. Im always willing to answer any questions or concerns you may have weither your new to raising birds or a pro looking for other ideas; I will always help if I can.
See You Soon, Mitzi
2016 Price List
Easter Eggers (crossbreeds) lays blue, green or pink eggs
Olive Layers (lays green eggs)
Chicks $6 Pullets 25 Hens 35
Fertile Hatching eggs $ 20 a dozen farm pickup
Shipped within Canada, Please contact

Lavender Orpingtons (pure breed)
Chicks $ 10 Pullets 28 Hens 45
Fertile Hatching eggs $55 a dozen farm pickup
Shipped within Canada, Please contact

Pure Breed Ameraucana White and Self Blue(lavender) for 2017 (Pure Breed)

Chicks $10 Pulets 28 Hens 45
Fertile hatching Eggs $55 a dozen farm pickup
Shipped within Canada, Please Contact

Ayam Cemani

Chicks $60  Pullets 120  Hens 300
​Rooster 150.00
Fertile Hatching Eggs $400 a dozen or $40each
Shipped within Canada, Please Contact
​( Do not quality for buy 5 get 6 free)
Presales are sold out, price reflects after presales.

Wild harvested from Ontario
$50.00 a pound
Remember Acre 22 has a loyalty program. Cards are given out on request.
For example 5 chicks @ 8 = 45. 6th is free so works out to 6.40 a chick.
Our shipping starts with egg collection. Each egg is carefully collected, kept in a cool environment and clearly marked with breed information. Eggs are collected several times daily and are mailed to you promptly to ensure the best fertility possible.
We ship priority mail with delivery confirmation. Each egg is individually wrapped and then placed back in carton. Those bundles are then placed inside the box that is filled with packing peanuts and topped with an additional layer of bubble wrap and more packing peanuts. I make sure all eggs are secure and snug in the packaging. Boxes are labeled with  ‘LIVE EMBRYOS’. I hand deliver them to the post office on Mondays at the end of the day so that they have the best chance of arriving to their destination as quickly and safely as possible. We do our best to follow any customer instructions as to how they would like them packed or labeled if their request differs from my standard packaging.
All eggs are not guaranteed. Once eggs leave Acre 22 and the postal service, it is beyond my control how they are handled during transit and your incubation methods.
That is why I price the eggs cheaper than most breeders. I will add extras with every order.
Beginning February 1st, 2016 All orders are subject to a $30 non-refundable deposit. 
Before eggs are incubated, a deposit WILL be required.
Filling orders, starting incubators and raising birds for customers is fun and rewarding. Although, having "no shows" and cancelled orders at the last minute effects the flow of poultry. Feed, time and love are involved with every order. Please contact me with details. 
If your ready to place your order, please order through contact page. 
Deposits are made through a secure paypal account