Acre 22 Poultry

Acre 22 is dedicated to promoting and preserving backyard poultry. Free ranged and hand-raised for your enjoyment.
I am Glad you're here.
Welcome! to Acre 22

My name is Mitzi Young, I am a graduate of a Recreation and Leisure program. I work as an Adjuvant at a Peterborough nursing home where I provide various therapeutic programs such as yes, a chicken coop and hatching eggs.
I am the first person in history to erect a coop on a long term care homes property for residents enjoyment.
I am a poultry enthusiast who raises rare, hard to find breeds for all my customers to enjoy for years to come.
Need help with raising your own flock?
Dont know where to start? Acre 22 provides materials, phone calls and farm visits to teach you the basics of raising a happy flock in your own backyard.
Feel free to contact me for further information.


All orders over $40.00 Recieves a bottle of custom Red or White Wine
​One order per Customer every 6 months

Where I make my wine

Red or White? The choice is yours!

I choose to make my wine for my customers at Jewel Fine Wines. It is a small business located in the beautiful community of Warsaw, Ontario.
I have been making wine at this establishment for many years. The customer service, down to earth staff and country envirnomment is something you can't find in many places. I choose the quality of their brands and the best part .... you can customize your purchase. See the staff at Jewel Fine Wines if you enjoy your wine from me.
They will take great care of you.
Red Wine

Pros: Most people know that red wine contains the most reversterol, the antioxidant found in wine skin that may up the drink's heart-healthy qualities by preventing blood vessel damage as well as reducing LDL cholesterol. Red wine also contains flavonoids, another important antioxidant.

Cons: Most of those red-wine-touting studies have been on animals, and the amount of wine we'd have to drink to equal the same amount given to mice would counteract any of the supposed benefits. Also, those 129 calories a glass can add up, even if you are only drinking one a day.

White Wine

Pros: White wine may be beneficial to your lungs. Research has shown that drinking white wine helps keep lung tissues healthy.

Cons: White wines are the most acidic, meaning they're the worst for your teeth. In addition, whites contain far less of the heart-healthy and cancer-preventing antioxidants than reds do, and have about the same amount of calories.

You ask... Why do I give a bottle of free wine?

Who doesn’t like free wine? In 10 years it has been enjoyable for me to pour a glass of wine and go out and take care of the birds. Even after a long day, having some wine on the back step and watching the hens peck the ground and roosters crowing are one of my favorite relaxing periods of my day.
When I started Acre 22, fall of 2016 I said I want my customers to enjoy the same experience I have enjoyed for years. Wine and chickens…It is my small way of thanking you for your business.

Don’t drink wine? That’s ok …. Take the bottle and I am sure a friend or family member would enjoy a treat.