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Acre 22 is dedicated to promoting and preserving backyard poultry. Free ranged and hand-raised for your enjoyment.
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My name is Mitzi Young, I am a graduate of a Recreation and Leisure program. I work as an Adjuvant at a Peterborough nursing home where I provide various therapeutic programs such as yes, a chicken coop and hatching eggs.
I am the first person in history to erect a coop on a long term care homes property for residents enjoyment.
I am a poultry enthusiast who raises rare, hard to find breeds for all my customers to enjoy for years to come.
Need help with raising your own flock?
Dont know where to start? Acre 22 provides materials, phone calls and farm visits to teach you the basics of raising a happy flock in your own backyard.
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Ayam Cemani

Written By Mitzi Young 
Ayam Cemani are one of the most rare and extraordinary chicken breeds in the world. They are referred to by many as the "Lamborghini of poultry." They have a very striking black appearance. They even have black flesh, organs, and bones! In Asia, Ayam Cemani are considered to have mystical powers. Ayam Cemani are friendly birds and the hens lay cream colored eggs. At Acre 22, I have worked hard to have an extremely high quality flock. When I initially started working with Ayam Cemani, we had imported  from the 2 amazing breeders in the USA. What this means is that we have a diverse gene pool, and our breeders are exceptionally dark. At Once In a Blue Moon Farmstead, we work hard for our money and we realize that you do too. We cannot guarantee the distribution of black pigmentation in your birds, nor can any other breeder (if they do they are being dishonest), but what we can guarantee is that we have some of the darkest birds available in the nation. We raise all of our birds to adult age before culling or rehoming not so perfect birds for a reduced price. If you buy our stock, you will be off to the best start possible with your Ayam Cemani flock. Our goal at Acre 22 has always been to offer high quality poultry at an affordable price. As mentioned in our about me section, we work with poultry because we want to, not because we have to, and we are true perfectionist. You will be very pleased with our birds! When available, our Ayam Cemani chicks are $60 each as chicks with a minimum purchase of 4. I include one free of charge if available! ALL CHICKS ALL SOLD STRIGHT RUN.

Hatching Eggs are also available sold $40  each or 400 a dozen.

Do you know?

Do you know?

The only part that is not black for Ayam Cemani is the cream colored eggs that are laid by them.
There are a lot of myths related to Ayam Cemani as their meat is thought to have magical powers. Rich in iron content, the meat of Ayam Cemani is effective for pregnant women and these were also sacrificed believing that it will lead to good fortune.